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Exploring Creativity & Innovation

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We are subjected to the “new” almost every hour of every day. The “new” is unpredictable and uncertain, and contributes to the dynamic nature of our immediate environment (on micro, market and macro levels). The process of aligning fresh ideas/products/services/methods with a market need is more or less the route of the “new”. In an increasingly aggressive global business environment, the ability of a nation to compete is of the utmost importance for economic survival and growth. Exploring creativity and innovation discusses all aspects of innovation, including the creative person, process and outcome.

Exploring creativity and innovation provides locally relevant examples and case studies to help readers clearly understand the concept of innovation and innovation management, and to situate it within a South African context.

Alex Antonites is an associate professor at the University of Pretoria, specialising in entrepreneurial creativity and innovation. He is also adjunct faculty on the Gibs MBA. His research interests include: entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation as well as social entrepreneurship. Alex heads the Business Incubator at the University of Pretoria, and is directly involved in the world of entrepreneurship through the facilitation of the entrepreneurial process.

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