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Dikakapa Everyday Heroes

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This book, Dikakapa Everyday Heroes: African journeys to success, is the proud initiative of a social intervention project called Dikakapa: Everyday Heroes. This initiative aims to inspire and motivate the youth of South Africa, particularly those who are still at school, to use education as a tool to achieve their dreams and contribute positively to society.

The book consists of 25 short stories written by inspirational Africans from all walks of life who have achieved considerable success within their chosen careers. The authors share their stories about their journeys to success, the obstacles they encountered along the way, how they overcame these challenges and, finally, their hopes and dreams for South Africa and the African continent at large. Despite the diff erences in their gender, ethnicity, countries of origin and fields of study, these authors share the message that education can help to shape your life and the lives of those around you.

The pursuit of education has come at great personal cost for these individuals. Some had to leave their families and travel long distances to receive an education, carrying nothing but their hopes and beliefs that their dreams would one day be realised. Many have come from very difficult family backgrounds, where there was little or no money to pay for their education, and from communities in which there were very few positive role models and high levels of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, gang violence and HIV/AIDS. What is very evident is that these circumstances did not deter them from reaching their dreams, but they have had to work extremely hard to ensure that they got the necessary grades to get into tertiary institutions.

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