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Applied Law for Police Officials 4E - Elex Academic Bookstore

Applied Law for Police Officials 4E

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This publication addresses the legal aspects specifically relevant to police officials. It states, interprets and applies the most general legal principles in the fields of criminal law and criminal procedure (mainly the pre-trial process), as well as some basic principles of the law of evidence. There is a clear focus on the implications of these laws for police procedures. The book highlights the importance of effective co-operation between an investigating officer and the victim of crime, other witnesses and the prosecutor, which will greatly improve the chances of a successful criminal prosecution. To exercise their powers lawfully, police officials must also be aware of the social context in which their duties are performed, and of the constitutional principles of human rights, which receive attention throughout this book. With its unique practical approach, addressing legal principles specifically relevant to police officials, this book will aid them in providing effective service to the community.

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