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3Rd World Beyond The Cold War

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The Third World Beyond the Cold War presents an overview of the changes brought about in Third World countries since the end of the cold war. The book does so in two ways: by highlighting major areas of change in the Third World, and using regional case-studies as a meas of islating changes specific to certain regions.

The themes chosen by the editors—economics, politics, security—are not, of course, exhaustive, but are broadly interpreted so as to encompass the major areas of change among Third World countries. The regional case-studies—Asia-Pacific, Latin America, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East—were selected to bring out both the themes and the diversity of experience.

The essays, written by leading scholars in the field of International Relations, caters for a variety of constituencies: those who seek the `big picture' in understanding the Third World in International Relations, those who look for general patterns, explanations, and trends in Third World politics, and those who seek up-to-date information and analysis on the progress of different regions.